PhDr. Helena Slavíčková
Court Appointed Interpreter of German and English

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About me

In 1989 she was appointed by the Regional Court in Ostrava pursuant to Act No. 36/1967 Coll., on Certified Experts, Translators and Interpreters, and Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 37/1967 Coll.,  to execute the Act on Certified Experts, Translators and Interpreters a court expert and interpreter and was pledged to secrecy about the information she familiarizes herself with in official translations, or, when interpreting.

Certified translations
Certified translations are stitched together with the original or its copy, attested by a notary, and sealed by the seal of the court appointed expert – interpreter with the national emblem and the interpreter´s clause both in Czech and German, or English. The translation of the original document certified in such a way is then recognized in all German or English speaking countries.

I have been providing professional translation services from Czech into German or English and vice versa since 1989. I provide short translations (up to 3 pages) within 24 hours without additional charge and longer translations according to the number of pages in the shortest time possible, depending on the agreement with the client.

Certified translations of official and legal documents, such as contracts of all kinds, judgements, certificates, diplomas and degree certificates, certificates of apprenticeship, medical reports, vital statistics documents (birth, marriage and death certificates), foundation deeds, extracts from the Companies Register, Trades Registers, Criminal Register, abstracts from the Land Register, powers  of attorney, insurance policies, etc.


Price list

Translations are charged pursuant to Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 345/2019 Coll., valid from 1.1.2021 to execute the Act on Certified Experts, Translators and Interpreters, as amended by regulations of later dates:

Written translation from a foreign language into Czech or vice versa: CZK 450,- / 1 page.

Oral translation from a foreign language into Czech or vice versa: CZK 450,- / 1 hour.

Paragraph 9
If an urgent implementation of the task is required, or if the expert was charged with the task on the day of rest or at night, the remuneration can be increased by up to 50%.



Examples of regular clients (long-term cooperation):
– Police of the Czech Republic – Administration of the Region of North Moravia, Criminal Police and
  Investigation Service
– District Prosecutor´s Office Opava
– District Court in Opava
– notaries, advocates, companies, citizens

“The reason for coming into contact with Mrs. Slavickova were family interests in Czechia for a restitution of former family assets. Though this endeavor has not been successful we have taken recourse not only to legal advice bur also to local help and advice in the country in which we were moving. Mrs. Slavickova has been a kind of local secretary for us.
We met her since she offered German and English translations and we were not able to speak Czek, but we mainly put her to the task of helping us with local authorities and customs. She has always loyally represented our interests and has interpreted local ways for us foreigners. We have taken her into account not only professionally but also formed a friendship in our cooperation and through her we managed to find back into an old family place, even though we have not been successful in our aim of restitution.
As long as Mrs. Slavickova was working for us, we have been providing a car for her.
What concerns the personal and private relationship to Mrs. Slavickova, we have always been admiring her for how she combined her professional endeavor with the care for her then young, now grown children, which we know, is quite a task for women in a professional activity.We wish Mrs. Slavickova success in her professionalism and we wish her clients who will appreciate her strength in her own Czek surrounding.”
April 2015
“On the basis of my personal experience I can confirm, that PhDr. Helena Slavíčková provides her judicial translation services on the professional quality. I let by her to work out the judicial translations of documents from Czech language into German language and I utilized her advisory services with processing of German state citizenship on the ancestors´ basis. The judicial translation of all documents did out PhDr. Slavíčková during two days, in the process all translations were on the high professional quality. It’s a credit to Mrs. Slavíčková that she’s administering her orders promptly without any surcharge for express translation. I appreciated very much her helpfulness to give counseling and advices beyond the bounds of duties at given order, too. The admirable working moral and helpfulness together with excellently well-handled profession make from PhDr. Slavíčková´s services a mark of highest translation quality. And this recognizes the most demanding clients, too.”
Ing. Bc. Lýdie Tallová, MBA
Journalist, inceptor of Metropolitan University Prague
Prague, 2015
“Mrs. PhDr. Helena Slavíčková has arranged my affair between Czech Republic and Germany in any respect professionally and humanly, in an excellent way. She is an excellent translator and especially a humanly trustworthy person. At her are aimed my best hearty thanks and I can recommend her in all matters.”
Rosemarie Zinngrebe
Reutlingen, 2013
“Mrs. PhDr. Helena Slavíčková is providing in the long term for our firm the translations in German language. The translations are elaborated all the time in the high quality and in an arranged deadline. We are very satisfied with her and we appreciate her personal and professional approach, we can always rely on her und we recommend her.”
Ing. Silvie Vilémová
Prague 2013
“The judicial translator PhDr. Helena Slavíčková I know as a notary public more then twenty years. She is providing translations of documents and correspondence for needs of my notary practice, particularly in the inheritance proceedings in German or English language. These services she is providing promptly, she reacts flexibly to my requirements and the translations are on the high professional quality, always precisely and to my best satisfaction.”
JUDr. Naděžda Zaděláková
Notary public in Opava
“As a judge in a criminal section I appreciate PhDr. Helena Slavíčková´s professional and personal approach; it shows evident the long-run co-operation by interpreting by trials and documents translations. Especially is necessary to emphasize knowledge and orientation in the professional juridical terminology, her helpfulness and promptitude by processing of required documents and this always on a high professional quality. Moreover I can turn to Mrs. Translator with reliance in case of urgent translations, which she did immediately after receiving emails.”
JUDr. Jaroslav Khul
Vice chairman, County Court Opava
Opava, 2013
“PhDr. Helena Slavíčková – translator I meet many years as a public prosecutor, County prosecution office in Opava, in criminal cases, where is necessary the translation in German or English language. Mrs. Translator makes her job on the professional quality, in time, in majority cases sooner as in a set period. I appreciate her personal approach, too, which is on the professional quality, too.”
JUDr. Eva Fajková
State Prosecutor
State Prosecutor Office Opava, 2013
“According to information of the Register Office in Opava, which we have from citizens, them the translation from German or English into Czech or vice versa made PhDr. Helena Slavíčková, are the translations exact and made in a very short time, Mrs. Slavíčková is very helpful and dependable.”
Jarmila KretkováMunicipal Government Opava
Head of section State citizenship and Registry office, internal affairs
Opava, 2013
“I have known the court appointed interpreter PhDr. Helena Slavíčková during my official activity as a judge dealing with matters with a so-called international element, since 1989.
My cooperation with PhDr. Helena Slavíčková is regular; it relates to all the matters in which a translation of documents from Czech into German or from German into Czech is needed, and is always based on my positive experience with the professional and personal attitude of PhDr. Helena Slavíčková to the assigned tasks.
PhDr. Helena Slavíčková has always translated the required documents or ensured the interpreting in court negotiations precisely and in time. She does her translations in very short periods and she charges the interpreting costs at standard rates, without any requirement for an increase, even in the event of urgent translations.”
JUDr. Zdena Reková
Czech Republic2012

“The Police of the Czech Republic have been cooperating with PhDr. Helena Slavíčková since approximately 1997, when she was first taken on in penal proceedings as a German interpreter and, in justifiable cases, she was also appointed as an English translator.
During the whole period of cooperation, PhDr. Helena Slavíčková has provided her interpreting services, both in German and English, at a high professional level, that has led to a timely and due explanation and meritorious decisions in the penal proceedings.”

Major JUDr. Martin Válek,

Head of the Financial Crimes Department
Ostrava, Czech Republic


“Dr. Helena Slavíčková has been managing my affairs in the Czech Republic since 1990. Having gained experience in some other countries, and working in the service sector myself, I think that the provision of services by Mrs. Helena Slavíčková is to be highly valued.
Helena Slavíčková works by summoning up all her strength and identifies herself with the situation of the client. All matters are processed quickly, even when she has to work all night. If all of us worked this way, we would certainly have no economic crisis today.
I can recommend the services of Mrs. Helena Slavíčková, even though as a client I wish she had some time left even for me.”

Dr. Karl Arco,
Capital Market Advisor, Investor, Real Estate
Vienna, Austria


PhDr. Helena Slavíčková
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